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50 minute session packages available


"James has such a vast and diverse amount of knowledge, skills and expertise. Somehow he manages to take all that, and find the most relevant bit to help me make strong progress towards my goals.

He achieves this through discussion, modelling/demonstration, feedback, his genuine care in helping which comes across, through motivating/building confidence and self esteem, and by building self efficacy.

James is so fun to talk to, and when doing a session, not only am I unwinding because of the endorphins being released with exercise, but also, from having interesting discussion about a wide range of topic.

I've noticed that James has educated me on different things and moved my perspectives on surrounding health, food, sleep, exercise and choices I make - although I didn't notice him doing that - very subtle!

I've got a more growth oriented mindset on things that I have had a fixed mindset on (without realising it... until stopping to reflect and write this.)

Prior to PT with James, I had the misconception that he would just show me how to use machines... not develop my thinking/me as a person.

Thank you James" - Martin R